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Wednesday, 21 December 2016

UPTET 2016 Answer Key for Upper Primary Level Mathematics Subject Morning Session SET W, X, Y, Z | 19th December 2016 Question Paper Solution Key PDF

UPTET 2015 Answer Key for Upper Primary Level Mathematics Subject Morning Session SET W, X, Y, Z | 19th December 2016 Question Paper Solution Key PDF

Uttar Pradesh Teacher Eligibility Test (UPTET 2016) had conducted successfully on 19th December 2016 at various center across all over UP Conducted by UP Government.  The Responsibility to Organize UPTET is given to UP Basic Education Board. We will Provide the UPTET UPRI SET X Mathematics Subject  Answer Keys. We will update all answer keys here. so please book marks our page,

Click Here:  To Download Official UPTET Answer Key 2016 Paper 1 and Paper 2 

UPTET 2016 Answer Key for Upper Primary Level Mathematics Subject 


  1. A body of mass 2 kg is moving on a smooth horizontal surface with initial velocity 10 m/s along east. A uniform force of 10 N towards north is applied on the body. The final velocity of the body after 2 s will be
    (a) 102 ms-1 at 45o North of East
    (b) 102 ms-1 at 45o South of East
    (c) 20 ms-1 towards East
    (d) 20 ms-1 towards West
  2. The catalyst used in Hydrogenation of oil is
    (a) Fe
    (b) Ni
    (c) Mo
    (d) Pt
  3. Which of the following gives white precipitate, with Ammonical Silver Nitrate solution?
    (a) C2H6 (Ethane)
    (b) C2H4 (Ethylene)
    (c) C2H2 (Acetylene)
    (d) C3 H6 (Propene)
  4. Number of moles in 128g of SO2 will be
    (a) 1 mole
    (b) 2 mole
    (c) 3 mole
    (d) 4 mole
  5. The Oxidation State of Iron in Fe(CO)5 is
    (a) 0
    (b) 2
    (c) 3
    (d) 5
  6. Compound responsible for temporary hardness of water is
    (a) Mg(HCO3)2
    (b) CaCl2
    (c) MgSO4
    (d) CaCO3
  7. Magnetic Quantum number determines
    (a) Shape of orbitals
    (b) Orientation of orbitals
    (c) Total energy of an orbital
    (d) Spin of an electron
  8. Scurvy is caused due to deficiency of
    (a) Vitamin D
    (b) Vitamin K
    (c) Vitamin C
    (d) Vitamin A
  9. Which one is weak acid?
    (a) Citric acid
    (b) Nitric acid
    (c) Sulphuric acid
    (d) Hydrochloric acid
  10. Which scientist was developed ‘Key’ for identification of Animals?
    (a) Goethe
    (b) Cuvier
    (c) John Ray
    (d) Theophrastus
  11. Seedless fruits are of no use in
    (a) Coconut
    (b) Tomato
    (c) Banana
    (d) Grape
  12. Fibres of cotton are obtained from
    (a) The inner fruit wall
    (b) Calyx
    (c) Seed coat
    (d) Fruit wall
  13. Silk is obtained from which stage of silkworm?
    (a) Egg
    (b) Pupa
    (c) Adult
    (d) Larva
  14. Vivipary germinations are found in
    (a) Aquatic plants
    (b) Xerophyte plants
    (c) Mangrove plants
    (d) Shrubs
  15. HIV Mainly infects
    (a) Cytotoxic T-Lymphocytes
    (b) Helper lymphocytes
    (c) Killer lymphocytes
    (d) Cell mediated T-lymphocytes
  16. Down’s syndrome is caused due to
    (a) monosomy of 21st chromosome
    (b) trisomy of 21st chromosome
    (c) an extra chromosome in male
    (d) an extra chromosome in female
  17. Which one of the following plants keep its stomata open during the night and close during the day?
    (a) Water-lily
    (b) Cactus
    (c) Cycas
    (d) Orchid
  18. Which equation shows the reaction of Photosynthesis?
    (a) CO2+H2O -> CH2O +O2
    (b) 6CO2 + 12H2O -> C6H12O6+6O2+6H2O
    (c) 6CO2 + 6H2O+ C6H12O6+6O2+6O2
    (d) C6H12O6+6O2+6CO2 ++ 6H2O
  19. The meaning of unification of teaching skills is
    (a) to use all teaching skills in one lesson.
    (b) to choose proper teaching skills in one lesson.
    (c) To use more helpful teaching aid in one lesson
    (d) None of the above
  20. Which of the following is not included in affective aspect?
    (a) Receiving
    (b) Organisation
    (c) Valuing
    (d) Analysis
  21. The first thing which is consider in lesson plan is
    (a) Objective
    (b) Pattern
    (c) Syllabus
    (d) Home-work
  22. The values of Science for nature is
    (a) Possibility
    (b) Reality
    (c) Interim
    (d) Uncertainty
  23. The quality of creative students is
    (a) Lack of flexibility
    (b) Anxious
    (c) Unaware about problem
    (d) Lack of intelligence
  24. The change in temperature of a body is 50oC. the change in temperature on the kelvin scale is
    (a) 50 K
    (b) 323 K
    (c) 122 K
    (d) 70 K
  25. Three wire of resistance 1 ohm, 2 ohm and 3 ohm respectively are connected in parallel. The equivalent resistance of the circuit is
    (a) 6/11 ohm
    (b) 11/6 ohm
    (c) 6 ohm
    (d) 1/6 ohm
  26. The relation between speed of sound (v) and absolute temperature (T) in a gas is
    (a) v  T
    (b) v  T
    (c) v  1/T
    (d) v  1/T
  27. Total internal reflection is possible when light travels from
    (a) air to water
    (b) air to glass
    (c) water to glass
    (d) glass to water
  28. The momentum of particle having mass m, is p. Its kinetic energy will be
    (a) mp
    (b) p2m
    (c) p2/m
    (d) p2/2m
  29. The potential difference across a conductor of resistivity e is constant. The heat generate in the conductor is directly proportional to
    (a) e
    (b) 1/e
    (c) 1/e
    (d e2
  30. The given logic symbol represents
    (a) AND gate
    (b) OR gate
    (c) NOT gate
    (d) NAND gate
  31. Which of the following statement is true?
    (a) (1/2)1/2> (1/3)1/3
    (b) (1/2)1/2> (1/3)1/3
    (c) (1/2)1/2= (1/3)1/3
    (d) None of these
  32. Out of observation arranged in ascending order, the sixth and seventh observations are 14 and 15 respectively. Find the median of all the 12 observations.
    (a) 29
    (b) 14.5
    (c) 15
    (d) None of these
  33. Find the least number of square tiles required to pave the floor of a room 15 m 17 m long and 9 m 2 cm broad.
    (a) 902
    (b) 800
    (c) 814
    (d) None of these
  34. A motor boat whose speed is 15 km/hr in still water goes 36 km upstream and comes back to the starting point in 5 hours. Find the speed of the stream.
    (a) 5 km/hr
    (b) 10 km/hr
    (c) Can’t determined
  35. The sum of two natural numbers is 8. Determine the numbers if the sum of their reciprocals is 8/15.
    (a) 3, 5
    (b) 6, 2
    (c) 4, 4
    (d) None of these
  36. The ratio of two numbers is 5:6 and their HCF is 12. Their LCM is
    (a) 60
    (b) 72
    (c) 180
    (d) 360
  37. The value of [5981/3+271/3)3]1/4 is
    (a) 5
    (b) 52
    (c) 53
    (d) 54
  38. The price of petrol increased by 25%. In order that expenses on petrol should not increase, one must reduce travel by
    (a) 25%
    (b) 20%
    (c) 18%
    (d) 15%
  39. The diagonals AC and BD of a parallelogram ABCD intersect each other at the point O. If  DAC=30o,
    AOB=70o, then DBC is equal to
    (a) 24o
    (b) 86o
    (c) 38o
    (d) 32o
  40. It is proposed to build a single circular park equal in area to the sum of areas of two circular parks of diameters 16 m and 12 m. The radius of the new park would be
    (a) 10 m
    (b) 15 m
    (c) 20 m
    (d) 24 m
  41. An edge of a cube measures r cm. If the largest possible right circular cone is cut out of this cube, then the volume of the cone (in cm3) is
    (a) 1/6 πr3
    (b) 1/2 πr3
    (c) 1/3 πr3
    (d) 2/3 πr3
  42. If 1350 is divided by 14, the remainder is
    (a) 13
    (b) 12
    (c) 1
    (d) -1
  43. If x=3+8, then value of x3+1/x3 is
    (a) 216
    (b) 198
    (c) 192
    (d) 261
  44. Factors of x2 + 32 x +4 are
    (a) (x+22) (x-2)
    (b) (x+22) (x+2)
    (c) (x-22) (x-2)
    (d) x-22) (x+2)
  45. Two adjacent sides of a parallelogram are 74 cm and 40 cm. If one of its diagonals is 102 cm, then area of the parallelogram is
    (a) 618 sq. cm
    (b) 1224 sq. cm
    (c) 2448 sq. cm
    (d) 1242 sq. cm
  46. If each exterior angle of a regular polygon is 18o, then the number of sides of the polygon is
    (a) 10
    (b) 15
    (c) 20
    (d) 30
  47. The distance of the point (-7, -2 from y-axis is
    (a) 9 unit
    (b) 51 unit
    (c) 7 unit
    (d) 2 unit
  48. A solid cylinder has total surface area of 462 sq. cm. If its curved surface area is one-third of its total surface are, then the volume of the cylinder will be
    (a) 639 cm3
    (b) 539 cm3
    (c) 439 cm3
    (d) 600 cm3
  49. A rectangular piece of paper 11 cm x 4 cm is folded without overlapping to make a cylinder of height 4 cm, then the volume of the cylinder will be
    (a) 37.5 cm3
    (b) 38.5 cm3
    (c) 35.8 cm3
    (d) 28.5 cm3
  50. The graphs of lines x+2y-3=0 & 2x+4y+11=0
    (a) intersect at each other
    (b) coincide with each other
    (c) are parallel to one another
    (d) are perpendicular to each other
  51. National Curriculum Framework 2005. The sequence of Mathematics is
    (a) Before language
    (b) After language
    (c) After Science
    (d) After Social Science
  52. Inductive method of teaching Mathematics we proceed from
    (a) Abstract to Concrete
    (b) General to Specific
    (c) Known to Unknown
    (d) Unknown to known
  53. In a pair of adjacent angles (i) Vertex is always common, (ii) one arm is always common and (iii) uncommon arms are always opposite rays. Then
    (a) (ii) is false.
    (b) (iii) is false
    (c) All (i), (ii) and (iii) are true
    (d) (i) is false, but (ii) and (iii) are true
  54. If area of an equilateral triangle is ‘a’ having height ‘b’, then b2/a is
    (a) 1/3
    (b) 1/3
    (c) 3
    (d) 3
  55. There are 10 person in a party. If each one of them shakes hand with others exactly once. The total number of handshakes is
    (a) 105
    (b) 55
    (c) 45
    (d) None of these
  56. A horse is tethered to a stake by a rope of 30 meter long. If the horse moves along the circumference of a circle keeping rope tight, find that how far the horse have gone from initial point if the rope has traced an angle of 105o at the centre?
    (a) 55 m
    (b) 5.5 m
    (c) 155 m
    (d) 25 m
  57. A man and his wife appear for an interview for two posts. The probability of husband’s selection is 1/7 and that of wife’s selection is1/5. What is the probability of only one of them will be selected?
    (a) 1/7
    (b) 2/7
    (c) 2/5
    (d) 1/5
  58. 5n+3-6x5n+1
    9x5n-22x 5n is
    (a) 91
    (b) 19
    (c) 10
    (d) 1
  59.            5 ______
    (9+45)- (9-45)
    (a) ½
    (b) 1/3
    (c) 1/5
    (d) ¼
  60. A man buys two books at Rs. 410 and sells both at same price. One gives him a profit of 15% and another a loss of 10 %. The cost price of both books is
    (a) Rs. 110, Rs. 260
    (b) Rs. 120, Rs. 290
    (c) Rs. 180, Rs. 230
    (d) None of these

UPRI PART  - IV : SET X (Question Booklet Series - X) FEB 2016

Mathematics Subject 

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